Milton Hershey: The Philanthropist

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Many know Milton Hershey’s legacy for his chocolate candies and beloved theme park. Few know him for one of his greatest achievements of all. Above anything else, Milton Hershey was one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. During his huge success as a businessman, his inspiring charitable giving became legend.

Hershey’s Model Town

After the large business success of his company also allowed him and his wife Catherine established a school for orphan boys that today is known as the Milton Hershey School. Following the death of his wife, Hershey endowed the school with his entire fortune of Hershey Chocolate Company stock. Hershey knew that he was successful man and used his extensive wealth to help others less fortunate.

Milton Hershey School Today

The school is based on the belief that all children deserve the very best education regardless of their financial circumstances. Aside from free award-winning education, children are also provided with supplies and medical care at no charge.

The Hershey Legacy

Not only has the company’s success continued flourished after Hershey passed away, so has his philanthropy. WIth a $50 million award from the Milton Hershey School Trust Fund, the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of The Pennsylvania State University. His legacy also makes annual donations through The Milton S. Hershey Testamentary Trust to the Derry Township School District.

Hershey’s charitable giving has changed lives and built a thriving community. Many people today have a lot to learn from him. Unlike others, instead of using his profits selfishly, he used his fortune to better lives. Milton Hershey may be a household name for his chocolates, but his philanthropic legacy is an inspiration and continues to change lives.

David Jeansonne is a successful entrepreneur based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His goal is to help the less fortunate and improve his hometown community. Read more of his philanthropy blog or check out his Twitter!

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