Innovative Ways to Give Back through Fitness

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Working out and giving back all in one? It’s the perfect win-win. Giving back through fitness may seem challenging, but there are so many ways you can help others while also boosting your health! Check out these apps and organizations that make it extremely easy to give back through fitness!

Be a Running Buddy

Workout with Pets

Download Charity Miles

Workout More with Workout Mission

Donate Your Old Shoes

Giving back through fitness is easier than you thought! From mile tracking apps to shoe donation charities, there are so many ways to give back while you workout.

David Jeansonne is a successful entrepreneur based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His goal is to help the less fortunate and improve his hometown community. Read more of his philanthropy blog or check out his Twitter!

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David Jeansonne is an entrepreneur who founded CHAMPS BOXING™, Traffic Jam Events™, and Cover that Mouth!™. Learn more @

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